Marseille litter bin

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    -- Stylish litter bin which allows to view the contents deposited
    inside the bin
    -- Available in Two Versions:
    120L Circular & 90L Semicircular (wall version)
    -- Made from 1,5 mm Deploye Galvanized Steel and 1, 1,5, 2,
    3 mm cold rolled hot dip galvanized steel plates
    -- Thermo-heating polyester powder coated finish
    -- Joint elements made from high-strength stainless steel
    -- EES (Ergonomic Emptying System): Safe & Efficient Emptying
    -- SIR (Smart Inner-Ring Bag Holder)
    -- SLIM-FIT: Plastic Bags that Saves Money, Much More Efficient

    -- Metal Inner-Liner available with a rubber band to hold the bag
    avoiding the bag falling down when it is full
    -- Higned Lid with Security Lock
    -- Available with Rain Hood (for 120L version)
    -- Available with Ashtray Integrated in Rain Hood (for 120L
    -- Version 90L includes a block security system in the lid for wall
    -- Version 90L suitable to be fastened to the wall
    -- Possibility to Add Kaizen Ashtray & Can-Adapt Bags Dispenser
    -- Free standing with possibility to be fixed to the ground from inside
    with M8 expanding bolts (not included)
    -- This product can be used outdoor under regular environmental
    For Salty areas (high salinity/humidity) are available extra finishes
    which improves significantly the corrosion resistance of bin in extreme
    environments conditions. These extra options involve extra cost and
    MOQ is required

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