HABA Waste Management Systems and Devices

HABA-SERVICE is a Finnish company specialized in waste management systems and equipment. Behind every HABA product there’s nearly 30 years of experience. Our sustainable HABA products and services can reduce waste volume by up to 90 % reducing the cost of waste disposal, and making a cleaner, safer work environment.

HABA offers innovative and safe solutions for waste handling. We have a wide range of products for big and small business, industrial and housing needs. Our most famous products are HABA waste balers and waste compactors.

Comprehensive life-cycle services

As we want to play our part in sustainable manufacturing, we offer maintenance support for all of our products.

We also sell and rent used equipment, such as waste balers and compactors, silos and containers. All of our used products are well maintained and fixed.

Explore our products or contact us for finding the most effective recycling solutions matching your needs.


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