ADELMANN briquetting presses

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    The discharge arm takes the material out from the press silo and moves it onto a spiral-conveyor. The spiral-conveyor moves the material to a spiral compressor. From there it arrives pre-compressed into the compression space of the briquetting press.

    The material is compressed by an oscillatory piston within a conical pipe producing an endless cord. This cord is moved into a hydraulic press that compresses further. We offer four different types of briqetting press, each with different throughputs and briquettes diameters of (Ø 45, Ø 55, Ø 65, Ø 75 mm). Throughputs to circa 1,500 kg/h can be reached depending on the briquette quality and favoured material consistency.

    The briquetting process and the material input into the press silo can be carried out automatically or manually.

    • The material requires a residual moisture below 15-18%.
    • The material should be pre-shredded to at most 15-20mm.
    • The material should be free from foreign substances such as sand, stones and metal.


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