Detached compactors

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    In HABA St compactors, the container is detached from the compactor press and taken to be emptied. The compactor press can be fixed to a location and the container replaced with an empty one. This means that the compactor is constantly available for use.

    HABA Group’s high-quality HABA waste compactors offer efficient and economical waste disposal solutions even in more demanding conditions. HABA compactors have strong motors and practical design, and in addition, they are easy to use. This makes them an excellent choice in locations that produce large amounts of waste.

    Safe functions,carefree maintenance

    HABA compactors are designed to fulfil the highest quality and safety requirements in the field. The high quality of parts and functions makes HABA long lasting and easy to maintain. HABA’s broad maintenance and support service guarantees that the customer has a carefree and safe user experience.

    Cost-efficient, environmentally aware

    HABA compactor adds cost-efficiency to company logistics. HABA makes waste recovery efficient even in confined spaces. A compactor solution made to fit the requirements of the location cuts down the costs of collecting and sorting of waste. HABA’s versatile properties enable correct timing for emptying the containers, thus avoiding costs of over filling or emptying incompletely fi lled compactors and containers.

    Equipment according to requirements

    HABA waste compactor accessories are selected according to the customer’s wishes. The size, shape and colour of the compactor, the location of the filling hopper and additional accessories are varied to meet the requirements of the location and to further enhance the capacity of the compactor.


    HABA 280st

    HABA 380st

    HABA 380s

    Pressing force, kN




    Filling opening, mm

    1300 x 1600

    1500 x 1800

    1500 x 1500

    Electric motor, kW / V / Amp.

    5,5 / 400 / 16

    5,5 / 400 / 16

    7,5 / 400 / 32

    Container size, m3

    20, 25, 30

    20, 25, 30

    20, 25, 30

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