HABA SAFE disinfection cabinet

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    The world is struggling with viruses which hold on different surfaces. HABA SAFE is designed to disinfect all types of bacteria. The devices can be used in production/construction sites, hospitals and public buildings.

    • ultrasonic movement sensor, disinfection process takes place without any contact
    • minimum cost maximum effect
    • modular design, easy installation
    • AISI 304 grade stainless steel
    • excellent pulverization, clothes and shoes get completely in contact with the liquid
    • IP 65 waterproof control unit
    • 38 litre disinfection tank
    • led lighting system
    • EN ISO 12100:2010,EN 60204-1:2018,EN ISO 13850:2015,EN ISO 14120:2015
    • 2006/42EC machinery safety directive
    • cabinet dimensions: height 2170 mm, width 1110 mm, depth 610 mm
    • control unit dimensions: height 750 mm, width 330 mm, depth 1015 mm
    • Inhaling the disinfection liquid and direct exposure to the eye may harm your health, therefore, it is a certain requirement to wear protective masks, glasses and gloves


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