HABA minibaler

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    The plastic wrap from shipments your company receives represent an undesirable cost once it hits the floor. It has to be gathered up and stored until your waste hauler comes to take it away.

    HABA minibaler is easily operated by hand. Twine ties are placed in two slots before each filling and flipped over to be tied. A loop on one end makes this easy for one operator to tie the bale.

    With a footprint of only 575 x 700mm this machine produces bales of up to 20 Kgs. of cardboard and up to 35 kgs. of silage wrap. The machine is ideal for use with shop plastic, pallet wrap, silage wrap, plastic bags, shredded paper and light cardboard. It is suitable for Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Offices, Farms, Distribution Centres, Etc. Optional wheels are available leaving the MINIBALER a truly mobile piece of equipment that can be moved anywhere product needs to be baled. Economically priced this machine will eliminate the need for skips or wheelie bins and leave you with a finished bale that’s easy to store and easy to collect for recycling. Needing no power source the machine can be used anywhere and is ideal where space is limited or ceiling height is low.

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