HX500-38T horizontal baler

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    The Moovmor HX500 Horizontal Balers.​

    Designed for retail & commercial baling operations to facilitate fast loading of baling materials. Producing high density, high quality bales to improve efficiencies and drive down costs. A compact high efficiency power pack reduces the carbon footprint and associated operating costs. 

    • Hydraulic Operated Door
    • Full Bale Eject
    • Hardox Floor
    • Grip Face Side Walls
    • Shear Blades
    • Power Pack Enclosure
    • Dual Baling Pressures
    • Bale counter
    • Wire / Tape Holders
    • Vandal Proof Enclosure
    • Sliding Panels
    • Motor Size (Option)
    • Oil Heater (Option)
    • Soft Start
    • Remote Control Station
    • GSM Monitoring
    • Pre Full / Bale Full
    • Warning Beacons
    • Horizontal Tying
    • Bin Lifters
    • Conveyors
    • Bale Eject Cage (Option)
    • Mobile Baler
    • Installation Drawings
    • Each Baler System can be finish painted in a single “Standard Range” RAL Colour specified by the client.




     Bale Size (Normal H x W X L)

     750 x 1100 x 1200 mm

     Bale Weight (Up to & Material Dependant)

     500 Kgs

     Feed opening (NOMINAL: L x W)

     1250 x 1050 mm

     Motor Power

     5.5 kW, 32A

     Power Supply

    3 PH + E + N, 400V, 50Hz

     Noise Level

     80 d BA

     Wire Tying (Horizontal Tying)

     4 TIE SLOTS

     Baling wire holder (optoinal tape holder)


     Bale Counter & Hours Run Feature


     Compaction pressure – Up to (Tonnes)


     Standard cycle (seconds)

     60 SECONDS

     Fast cycle (seconds)

     40 SECONDS

     Additional power pack options


     Overall length

     5790 mm

     Overall width (excluding hopper)

     1600 mm

     Weight (approximately)

     6,500 kg


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