HABA VPAC BIN rotary compactor

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    • Minimum space requirement and minimum noise level: the HABA VPAC BIN 1000L is used at the waste
      production location itself, in the aisles, at the end of co-packing lines, at reserves doors in shops…
    • Practical: Easy installation 1000L bins
    • No prior handling: The HABA VPAC BIN collects formed cardboards, plastics and wooden crates.
    • Self-sufficient: Its photocell automatically starts waste compaction. Any jams are managed with no intervention required (patented system)
    • Continuous loading: Full bin is indicated by a flashing light.
    • Adaptability: Can be used on its own for selective pick-up of bins by a truck, or in addition to a bin lifter, to feed either a compactor (halve transportation costs), or a horizontal press (increase bale weight by 20%)

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