HABA MEGA - underground waste compactor

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    The Invisible Giant of Waste Management - HABA MEGA

    HABA MEGA waste compactor is a space-saving and stylish waste system for all locations in which environment poses challenges to the designer. System has only a small bin on the ground, but the assembly underground consist of two units: a container with a metal frame and a compactor. Installation of the hydraulic HABA MEGA system in a ready pit takes only about three to four hours. The system is well suited to all types of waste and is an efficient solution for recycling.

    The HABA MEGA compactor system can be dimensioned to match the location. Standard compactor sizes are 10m³, 16m³ and 20m³. In larges HABA MEGA solution, the underground compactor holds more than 100m³ of uncompacted waste. A large and cool container enables longer emptying intervals. Both financial and ecological savings are made in waste transportation costs.

    Power lies beneath

    Thanks to the discreet HABA MEGA waste compactor system, intermediete waste storage can be realised in a stylish and safe manner even in demanding locations. An underground intermediete storage solution stays cool all year round, and both the collection container and the environment stay more hygienic and odour-free.

    A Versatile and Acclaimed System

    The HABA MEGA waste compactor system is suitable for almost any location where a cost-efficient and ecological waste management system is needed. The system can be used to control waste management efficiently both in large puplic areas and in narrow inner courts of properties in city centres.

    HABA MEGA has won several international innovation awards, and reference customers can be found in many large cities, such as Moscow, Dubai, Stockholm, Zurich, Peking and Helsinki.

    Underground waste compacters have many advantages

    • Space saving, only a small filling bin located on the ground
    • Environment friendly solution -no troubles with odors
    • 6-10 times more efficient than tradional or semi-underground container
    • Fast and easy installation


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