HABA MEGA S - underground waste compactor

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    • HABA MEGA S - system holds the waste hidden under the ground and on top of the ground only a small access bin is visible
    • system optimizes use of space compared to the tradional versions and the problems with smell are minimized in the coolness under the groundthe size of normal compactor is 8 m3, the waste management system can be sized according to the needs of costumer
    • the compactor can be switched on from the access bin or automatically with the help of light-cell startermetallic groundframe, which is possible to provide with sewers
    • HABA MEGA S is supplied operative from the factory, complete and ready to be installed; at the installation place only digging and filligwork has to be doneUG SWING works mechanically, lifting/lowering mechanism is using the hooklift of the emptying truck
    • this design was awarded the Finnish Innovation Prize (INNOSUOMI-2011)


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