HABA RBin deep collection containers

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    HABA RBin - Efficient & modular waste collection system

    Because of the large volumes that the RBin can hold, fewer containers are needed, and the time needed to collect and remove waste is reduced. This will result in lowered costs of both investment and installation. Big volume, small appearance.

    The advantage of the RBin is the flexibility with which you can install the containers in the street. Make the ideal set up that suits best the customers requirements on any location and take advantage of its versatility and efficient design.

    We use exclusively high-quality materials selected for their durability. Our concrete shell has a high stability and we have chosen to use either aluminium or stainless steel to eliminate corrosion. Our containers are seamless and carry double-walled lids.

    Creating a safe user and operation environment is a key requirement for our containers. Thanks to the inclusion of a barrier of at least 800mm in height, no gaping holes are left open as the semi-underground containers are emptied, protecting operators and users.

    The efficiency of the semi-underground concept lies not only in how easily these containers are emptied, but also in the small amount of surface area needed to place them in the ground. In addition, our inner lid is much easier to open than those of alternative solutions.

    The temperature underground is very stable, and in most countries much lower that the temperature above ground. This reduces the processes which make the waste start to smell bad. This phenomena reduces the bad smell’s from semi underground drastically.

    The Maxi container is our largest volume in which all the possible RBin fractions and volumes can be build up.
    With our Solo containers there is a single fraction under the cover, that is lifted as one solution.
    In our Duo solutions you have always at least two fractions. Either under a single cover, or as a split cover.
    Here you have 4 fractions in the RBin. This is ideal for smaller volume fractions. In a Maxi this is always 1500L.

    - Lid color options: black, white, yellow, red, green, blue
    - Opening options: mixed, paper, glass
    - Locking Options: triangle lock, pad lock, key lock
    - Framing Options: wood, recycled plastic, aluminum

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