HABA SEMI - deep collection container

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    HABA SEMI - deep collection containers

    • They are used for collecting mixed, sorted and bio municipal waste.
    • They are used mainly in places where a lot of waste is generated, e.g. housing estates, sorted wastecollection points or recreation areas.
    • The short version of our containers was designed for areas with underground installations
      (e.g. cables, pipes).
    • Installation of semi-underground containers: it is sufficient to make an ordinary construction notification.
    • Emptying method: we propose a one-hook system with the internal bag and two-hook system with a steel insert (e.g. the same system as with igloo type containers).
    • Options: steel or bag inserts
    • Finishing options: 1.natural polyethylene in different colours 2. wood 3. aluminium 4. other

    Sebastian Johansson
    +358 44 2401177



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